The problem we are solving.
Nettfart is a service that measures internet speeds and is available as a website and a mobile application for Android and iOS. Nettfart and its associated services are owned by the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).
The purpose of redesigning the existing portal ( and mobile application is to provide a more modern user experience. Nkom aims to display measurements collected from their mobile application (Nettfart mobile) in a dynamic map, showing measurements taken via mobile network connections (2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G). Users can filter by various parameters and download open data collected from the mobile applications.
The process we follow.
Agile Product Development
Scrum Methodology
Customer Requirements
Design Thinking
Design Sandbox
Daily Standup
Product Refinement
Product Planning

The outcomes and results.
Consumer Portal (
Regulator Portal
Mobile Application (iOS, Android)
My role in the project.
Visual Communication Design
Design Sandbox
UX/UI Design
Design System
User Journey
User Flow
Agile/Scrum Facilitation
Customized Speed Measurement for Customers.
The redesign of the Open Nettest platform was guided by a design strategy aimed at ensuring scalability and ease of customization of the speed measurement environment for any customer. This was achieved by implementing a predefined template strategy that allows easy tailoring of the platform's look and feel. Additionally, Open Nettest is optimized for both mobile and desktop web platforms.
Consumer Portal (
Speed Measurements
Measurement Results
Statistics & Municipalities
Open Data & Methodology
Measurements Map (Mapbox)
Aggregated Measurement Data (Zoom Levels)
Aggregated Measurement Data (Technology)
Aggregated Measurement Data (Timeline)
Regulator Portal
Mobile Application (iOS, Android)
Operator, Network & Measurement Server Information
Speed Measurement
Speed Measurement Results & Advanced Results
Speed Measurement Results & Settings
Map with Aggregated Speed Measurements
Loop Measurements

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